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COC Online Service

To register vehicles in EU countries and other countries that have adopted the EU directive, you require an EEC Certificate of Conformity.
For the COC to be issued, the vehicles must have been produced in accordance with an EC Type Approval and must have the PR No. 1EX (EC Type Plate).
The "COC" E-Service allows you to easily order EEC Certificates of Conformity for the brands Audi and Volkswagen online.


LISON Container Management

Volkswagen Konzernlogistik Container Management is responsible for the provision of transport containers for the Volkswagen Group. We ensure the economic and logistically effective use of these containers Europe-wide between 5 000 suppliers and 32 production plants.
This ensures an efficient flow of material between the vehicles manufacturers and the suppliers.
The system LISON supports this process: the supplier platform on the internet allows you to order the containers you need and call up information and data about them.